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Methods of Analysis

Design - Analysis - Testing

  • Initial and Conceptual Design
  • Structural FE Analysis
  • Fluid flow and Heat Transfer analysis
  • Rapid Prototype Modelling and construction
  • Experimental Structural Analysis Verification
  • Development of Innovative Structural Solutions
  • Patent Applications



About Geodome

Geodome Ltd is an engineering consultancy specialising in providing computational and product development services for a range of engineering disciplines including: Aeronautical, Off-Shore, Marine, Renewable Energy, Mechanical and Civil applications

The services include Finite Element Structural Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) CAD Design, R&D, Simulations, Development of bespoke engineering solutions, and scaled model creation and testing.

Geodome was founded in 1998, following a DTI ‘SMART’ award for developing a new type of demountable modular composite building panels.

Experience has been gained in both traditional structural and mechanical analysis as well as in development of innovative prototypes. Analysis of unique engineering projects include simulation of maritime accidents, development of new transition pieces for off-shore foundations, composite aircraft modifications and design of stadia moving roof assemblies.

Geodome is based in Kingston upon Thames with access to all the main transport hubs of the South East of the UK. Modern communications enable rapid and remote assistance to clients in most parts of the world.