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1. Off-Shore...Read More

i. Static, Dynamic, FEA and Fatigue analysis of Jacket and wind Turbine foundations

ii. Code checks (DNV, Lloyds)

iii. Development of Innovative Structural Solutions

iv. CFD for determination of drag coefficients and flow within pipes and ducts

v. Heat transfer

2. Marine...Read More

i. FEA (implicit and Explicit) of ship hulls and their sub-assemblies

ii. Expert witness support services

3. Aeronautical...Read More

i. Structural analysis of alloy and composite airframes

ii. CFD of Internal and external flow

iii. Wind tunnel Models and testing

iv. Analysis and modification of aircraft Components

v. GA and Vintage aircraft repair and modification

4. Civil...Read More

i. Research and development of innovative structures

ii. Stadium moving roofs (Wimbledon Centre Court)

iii. Demountable structures

iv. Foot bridges

v. Geodesic Domes

vi. Nuclear related installations

vii. Commercial and Domestic buildings

viii. Environmental Engineering:

ix. Heat Transfer using:

x. Heat Transfer with Computational Fluid Dynamics

xi. SAP heat analysis software(‘JPA’) (Buildings)

5. Mechanical...Read More

i. CAD modelling (Solid-Works)

ii. Rapid Prototyping

iii. Traditional modelling techniques with CNC milling

iv. Structural and functional testing

v. Patent search and Application